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It’s really easy how to improve handwriting simple and easy but a sale will take a little more selling. Number five web marketing how can you get quick leads in 30 days. Their web marketing to your Web site. Well number one your Web site has got to be designed to make money if it’s designed not designed to make money then you’re already lost the battle you are you’re wasting money. It needs to motivate your visitors to take action. And of course the main purpose of it is to make your profit.

In other words its purpose is to convert your leads the people who go to the Web site into prospects or paying customers. If it’s not doing that then it’s ineffective and you’re wasting your money how to improve handwriting and your time. So we need to redesign your Web site to be able to convert lead into prospects right away and it could be as simple as a prospect. Just give you their information free to contact them or they can purchase something off your Web site and in order to convert visitors to prospects and buying customers you’ve got to use the five Cs. Number one like we talked about before.

It’s got to have a customer centered message and theme. Number two it’s got to have a captivating headline that gets people’s attention because their very short attention span. Number three the content has got to be valuable and convincing. Number four there’s got to be a concrete offer and facts to support why that offer is so great. And number five you to call people to action call today learn more. Call us. I mean whatever. Just calling them giving them some type of of of motivation how to improve handwriting to do things and do it quickly. If your web site doesn’t have the five C’s then don’t expect effective results with your marketing. But if it does then expect you to have a consistent flow of qualified prospects to your organization. If you’re not on the first page of Google or Yahoo you’re wasting your money because you’ve got a great Web site but you’re not on the first page.


It’s not going to matter. So you need search engine optimization. Mike Hirschman again invest the money get the companies to do it for you. But sometimes you can use little gimmicks or tricks to get on the first page to community sites like Merchant circle business. Outright dot com constant contact log free press release Twitter link then sometimes just by being on these things. They get you on the first page right away for free. Another option too is pay per click and you’re going to pay to be on the first page and if anybody clicks you pay Google or some of these other places for give you the opportunity to be there. But it gets you how to improve handwriting on the first page. So sometimes it’s worth it. Most of our marketing to groups these tribes that we’re talking about. So in other words that we’re changing from fishing with a net. I’m sorry.

I mean change from fishing with a pole now to fishing with a net. We’re looking for the people with similar needs interest or similar walks of life who tend to group themselves together in the tribes and then we’re going to go and inject ourself in that tribe and be constantly around these people again fishing with a net not a pole like where networks civic organizations nonprofits industry groups clubs social network meeting groups meet DOT COM Yahoo Groups Google Groups any of these that you know that their main central focus is getting their needs met. But your product and services are perfect at meeting and number seven centers of influence network. We’ve hinted at this a couple of times but coins are people that are current leaders are shepherds of groups and hopefully of the groups of your target market. Couple of criteria a how to improve handwriting couple of things about these groups. One these people are exhausted and they’re looking for help because they’re all they doing is serving these people they’re looking for others with a passion as great as theirs and they’re connected to other centers of influence. And I’m talking about the people that are connected to hundreds or thousands of your target market.

If you can build relationships with these people and look for these people it’ll supercharge your marketing efforts substantially. We need to become coin collectors that needs to be our main focus and we need to find the type of people that will fit that description. Position people like presidents managers executives community group leaders like unions not people who run unions nonprofits churches marketing and sales people they have a huge database vendors also serve thousands of our target market industry group leaders that people run clubs or networks have a auxilary people the secretary the database managers the hairdresser the bartender nail salon people these people see hundreds of people on a constant basis. They can be also great centers of influence for us. What’s the process. Well in order to get with the Centers of influence this is going to be the process. Number one create a lot of valuable free stuff to give to this kind of rot. I mean it’s an expensive for you. Valuable to them. Number to contact those centers of influence and offer to serve their groups and try to do it for free to give this content to their people for free.

Number three keep giving and giving and giving valuable content. Number four make them an offer that they can or will be crazy to refuse. Eventually you’re going to make an offer. And number five my favorite eventually become the sole provider of how to improve handwriting the services or products to these groups. And last Let’s talk about outsourcing outsourcing is tap tapping into an already established system team. Expertise I mean the organization to have these things already in place to utilize for building your business. If they’re experts at it you don’t have to rebuild it just outsource it to them. But when you do find professionals who have a track record of success with businesses like yours and their own and you will see remarkable results in your marketing what kind of outsourcing solutions can help you find help you find your target market outside sales force.


They have a book of business and contacts that they’ve built that you can tap into marketing companies. They have the skills expertise manpower to generate the qualified leads you need Internet marketing companies can help you get leads and convert them into prospects or customers online renting or buying lists of your how to improve handwriting qualified target market or email lists. You can send out to call centers telemarketers have got a lot of lateral business. Tap into a lateral business that can market for you like a business is doing what you do. Not exactly but doing similar and let them do your marketing or lead exchanges tap into your competitor or latter business and exchange your leads with theirs. If you have old leads and they have old leads strange because they might become your new clients.

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